Creative Keys Piano Tuition offers fun piano lessons for ages 5 years to adult.

Lessons are available for complete beginners right up to Diploma level.

We teach you how to read and play music in different styles: from Classical, to Pop and everything in between.

We teach musical concepts using educational board games, iPad apps, and fun manipulatives like lego, soft toys or small animal erasers to make learning more enjoyable and memorable.


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About our lessons

About our lessons 

Piano and Theory lessons Gold Coast and Redlands
Ella having fun completing the scale degree section of her practice AMEB theory exam.
We offer creative lessons for piano and theory
in Oxenford on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and Redland Bay in the Redlands.
Lessons are on a lovely baby grand piano, with a digital piano also used for playing with backing tracks, making even beginners sound like super stars!
Parents are welcome to sit in on their children’s lesson, and are encouraged to takes notes to help their child practice at home.
If you would rather drop off your child for their lesson and go and run some errands, this is fine too.
Piano lessons Gold Coast
Rohan learning to name notes using his motorbike!

We make learning FUN! 

As well as teaching piano and theory the traditional way, we also use Piano Maestro.  This is an ipad app that is available free for our students, which helps students to sight read music.  The books that we use in the lesson are also on the app, which makes learning lots more fun and gives great incentive trying to beat your previous ranks and scores.
We also have computer/music games to teach note recognition, pitch,
timing and theory.
All our students love learning like this – especially the adults.
We love seeing how excited students are to come to their lessons and that they actually enjoy practicing at home because
it seems like a game rather than a chore.
Students are also taught music theory concepts using fun and engaging games and manipulatives.  This ranges from a complete beginner using small toys to learn where the notes are on the piano, to advanced students using Lego to learn rhythm and grouping of notes and rests.
Our students enjoy learning new theory concepts, and remember these better when they are having lots of fun while learning.
Angelina won 2nd place in her very first piano competition!

We give our students opportunities to shine!

Students can learn for fun, sit AMEB or St Cecilia practical exams,
and AMEB theory exams.
Learn classical or popular music, or a combination of both.
We specialise in finding the right exam for each student. Exams are available in Classical Piano, Pop and Rock, Christian Rock/Contemporary Christian Music, or TV and movie themes.
Our students love practicing their exam work because it is music they have chosen themselves.
We guide students, but we encourage them to play music they really enjoy.
After only 7 lessons, Zoe came 1st in the Brisbane Piano Festival!
Concerts and competitions are also available, and students are rewarded with trophies when they perform in our studio’s end of year concerts.
Our students feel encouraged and rewarded for all the work they have put in through the year, and this motivates them to work even harder the next year.
 Every student is recognised for what they can do, and is made to feel capable and confident in their musical abilities.
Our students feel recognised and rewarded for all their hard work throughout the year.

Our Teachers

Gold Coast Teachers

Christina Kay has 28 years experience teaching piano, and a Bachelor of Music majoring in piano performance.

Christina also holds Certificates 3 and 4 in Children’s Services and a certificate in assisting children with difficulties in reading and writing.

Miss Christina is also currently studying a Diploma in Music Technology to enable her to further assist senior high school students with compositions and backing tracks.

Miss Christina’s past students have careers in the music industry: from becoming piano teachers themselves, to performers both in Australia and overseas. Many past students have gone on to various Universities to study music at a tertiary level.

Breanna Weigel is 18 years old and has been studying piano for 10 years. She is currently working towards her Certificate of Music Teaching in pianoforte.  Miss Bree has performed in the Yamaha Keyboard Festival and the annual Brisbane Piano Festival, in which she placed first in both 2016 and 2017. Miss Bree was also been selected to represent the Gold Coast at the prestigious Yamaha Keyboard Festival for 2 years running.

Miss Bree is always kind and caring, and strives to encourage students to do their best while ensuring piano is a fun and enjoyable experience. She is excited to help students succeed in their piano journey as well as assisting in developing their passion for music. 

Redland Bay Teacher

Karen Fukushima is the teacher for the Redland Bay studio. She has a Certificate of Music Teaching (pianoforte) and can prepare students for SCSM piano and AMEB theory exams, concerts, competitions, or her students can learn just for fun


Miss Karen is a nurturing, enthusiastic teacher, who is passionate about sharing her love of music with her students.

Miss Karen is also a talented performer and published composer.  She was selected 2 years running to represent the Redlands, performing in the prestigious Yamaha Keyboard Festival State Gala, has won multiple awards in various piano eisteddfods, and won the Supersonics Composition Competition in 2016.

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