Piano Student Achievements

Look at what our amazing piano students have achieved this year:

2018 was a fantastic year for our studio! Congratulations to these students for their fantastic exam results:

Karen – Associate Diploma of Music Teaching (pianoforte)

Bree W – Certificate of Music Teaching (pianoforte)

Karen – Grade 8 Modern Piano A

Bree W – Grade 7 Pianoforte A+

Beau – Grade 6 Modern Piano A+ 100%

Angelina – Grade 3 Modern Piano A+

Naomi – Grade 3 Piano for Leisure A

Lisa K – Grade 2 Pianoforte A+

Sarah – Grade 2 Modern Piano A+

David – Grade 2 Pianoforte A+

Asha – Grade 2 Modern Piano A

Athena – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte A+ 100%

Damian – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte A+

Zoe – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte A+

Keshav – Junior Grade Pianoforte A+

Summer – Junior Grade Pianoforte A+

Limi – Junior Grade Pianoforte A+

Akshay – Beginner Grade Pianoforte A+

Lauren – Beginner Grade Pianoforte A+

Ella – Grade 1 Theory A+ 100%

Lisa M – Grade 1 Theory A+ 100%

Campbell – Grade 1 Theory A+ 100%

Bree M – Grade 1 Theory A+

Lisa K – Grade 1 Theory A

Wonderful performances from the following students in the Brisbane Piano Festival 2018:

Keshav – 1st place

Lisa K – 1st place

Athena – 1st place

Ava – 2nd place

Beau – 2nd place

Keith – 2nd place

Jasmin – High Achievement Award

Maya – High Achievement Award

Campbell – High Achievement Award

Angelina – High Achievement Award

Damien – High Achievement Award

We had another very successful year in 2017 with practical piano exams! Well done to the following students for their wonderful results:

Karen – Certificate of Music Teaching

Katherine – Certificate of Music Teaching

Beau – Grade 5 Modern Piano – 98% Higher Distinction

Sarah K – Grade 5 Modern Piano – 90% Higher Distinction

Lisa M – Grade 4 Modern Piano – 93% Higher Distinction

Ella – Grade 4 Modern Piano – 92% Higher Distinction

Marie-Chandre – Grade 3 Modern Piano – 92% Higher Distinction

Angelina – Grade 2 Modern Piano – 91% Higher Distinction

Brianna M – Grade 2 Modern Piano – 96% Higher Distinction

Mitchell – Grade 2 Modern Piano – 92% Higher Distinction

Sue – Grade 2 Modern Piano – 91% Higher Distinction

Lara – Grade 2 Modern Piano – 82% Merit

Lisa K – Grade 1 Pianoforte – 100% Higher Distinction

Lisa K – Preliminary Grade AMEB Pianoforte – A Honours

Asha – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte – 98% Higher Distinction

Sarah A – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte – 98% Higher Distinction

Jasmin – Preliminary Grade Pianoforte – 90% Higher Distinction

Damian – Junior Grade Pianoforte – 97% Higher Distinction

Zoe – Beginner Grade Pianoforte – 98% Higher Distinction

Summer – Beginner Grade Pianoforte – 98% Higher Distinction

Griffin – Beginner Grade Pianoforte – 97% Higher Distinction

Ben – Beginner Grade Pianoforte – 91% Higher Distinction

Congratulations to these students for their wonderful performances in the Brisbane Piano Festival in June 2017:

Zoe – 1st Place

Bree W – 1st Place

Karen – 2nd Place

Beau – 3rd Place

Lisa K – High Achievement Award

Marie-Chandre – High Achievement Award

Lara – High Achievement Award

Carl – High Achievement Award

Jasmin – High Achievement Award.

Well done!! You all did an awesome job!!

Piano lessons for ages 5 and up on the Gold Coast, QLD
Some of our wonderful students with their awards from the Brisbane Piano Festival 2017.

Congratulations to these amazing students on their amazing results in their AMEB theory exams 2017:

Marie-Chandre – 100% High Distinction in Grade 1 theory

Beau – 100% High Distinction in Grade 1 theory

Sue – 100% High Distinction in Grade 1 theory

Sarah – 95% High Distinction in Grade 1 theory

Carl – 99% High Distinction in Grade 2 theory

Bree W – 99% High Distinction in Grade 3 theory

I am super proud of all the hard work you all put in, and I’m glad you got the results you deserved!!

Gold Coast music theory achievements
Carl gained 99% with a Higher Distinction for his Grade 2 AMEB theory exam.

Yamaha Keyboard Festival

We had a wonderful time at the Yamaha Keyboard Festivals held on the Gold Coast and Cleveland. The talented students who took part were: Marie-Chandre, Beau, Asha, Summer, Aakash, Henry, Akshay, Limi, Rohan, Lauren, Zoe, Ben, Sienna, Sarah A, Lisa K, Jasmin, Griffin, Damian, Keith, Bree M, Angelina, Carl, Ella, Lisa M and Bree W.

We were very lucky to have 3 awesome performers selected to perform in the prestigious State Gala held in the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane on the 15th of October!! Congratulations to Bree W who performed Blue Samba by Glen Carter-Varney, Angelina who performed her own arrangement of Cry Me a River, and Lisa M who performed 1000 Years by Christina Perri.  You were all amazing and I am super proud of you!!

End of Year Piano Concert

At the end of the year (as the title implies) we have our annual concert. This year our concert was held at the Robina Community Centre. Every student who performed was presented with a trophy, which meant every student felt appreciated, validated, and successful!

The concerts are also presentation days, where students are presented other awards they may have earned throughout the year.  These include trophies for piano exams and plaques for theory exams.  We also have an ‘Achievement Award Challenge’ for students who have been with the studio for at least a year.  Every student who completes the set tasks in the challenge, receives an achievement award trophy.  The amount of tasks you complete will determine the size of the trophy you receive.

Congratulations to the following students who earned the achievement award this year: Mitchell, Sue, Lisa K, Lisa M, Bree M, Ella, Jasmin, Ben, Marie-Chandre, Summer, Asha, Sarah A, Beau, Damian, Angelina, Griffin and Zoe. Awesome work!!!

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